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Save Yourself

In a desperate attempt to reconnect with her ex boyfriend, Angela surprises him at a Tofino beach where he surfs every day. She is determined to overcome her fear of water, learn to surf and win him back in the process.

Mi Madre My Father

Reared by an abusive, pill-popping mother and an absentee father, six-year-old Valentina must fend for herself.

Dance with a Demon

Told through the loving voice of a husband to his daughter, Dance with a Demon is a short film that explores a mothers psyche through dance. This is Fiona's latest producing endeavour directed by Mitch Bax and starring award winning choreographer Joel Sturrock. 

The True Heroines

The True Heroines is a an award winning web series and critically acclaimed cabaret show co-created by and co starring Fiona Vroom. Inspired by dancing in cabarets with fellow performers Jovanna Burke and Paula Giroday, they teamed up with director - producer power couple Nicholas Carella and Michelle Ouellet and their long time collaborator and friend actor/choreographer Joel Sturrock to create a female first multi platform story. 

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